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Custom Design Website vs Templates – Why a Custom Built Website is Better Than a Template?

When it comes to building a new website, every business has a huge decision to make – how much should they invest in redesigning their outdated website. However, it all boils down to building a custom designed website or a template-based site. Your website is usually the first touchpoint your customers have with your business. So you want to ensure your site delivers the best impression and creates a lasting impact.

A template-based website is cheap but unoriginal. It may end up looking like million other sites on the internet. It may not stand out. However, a custom built website is built with your business in mind. Here are 4 reasons why you should invest in a custom website for your business.

Built For You:

Custom Website Design and Development involves building a site with your business needs in mind. Our web developers will take the time to understand your business, your requirements, your goal your target audience to build a business website that delivers the results you seek.

This means that the website will be designed to suit your marketing strategy. Should your strategy or branding change in future, your web design agency in Australia can make the necessary changes to reflect that change. However, with a template-based website, you will have limited customisation options – the header, the colours and the logo. Furthermore, the layout won’t be highly adaptable to changes.

Do you want a unique design? Do you want a site that fits with your branding? Do you want a website that can be scaled in thefuture? Do you want the website to rank well on search engines and load fast? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you know a custom website design is what you need.

User Experience:

With a custom solution, you get a website that’s visually stunning and yet offers a stellar user experience to your visitors. A template-based website won’t help your cause when you want to make an impact. No matter your business or industry, when you are looking to win customers, a custom built website is the way to go. After all, it is built with your goals in mind.

Custom features:

With a custom designed website, you can choose the features and functions your business needs. A template-based website may have decent features but it may not be customised to suit your exact requirements. For example, let’s assume you require a custom booking form to take appointments for your business. A template-based website might only offer a standard contact form and nothing more. When you need in-depth and detailed functionality such as a custom booking form, a custom website is what you need.

Clean Coding:

A custom website is built from scratch and coded to meet the current web design standards. You might assume that’s not a big deal. However, clean coding makes a world of a difference. The search engines favour sites that have neatly organised code, and this has a direct impact on your search rankings. Moreover, a cleanly coded site delivers a better user experience. You get a site that is SEO-friendly, mobile-friendly and user-friendly.

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Anyone can build a website using a template. However, it takes a team of experts to put together a custom website to suit your requirements. Chine Digital is Australia’s leading web design agency with a team of skilled web developers and designers. Contact us today for a free quote.

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