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For businesses, online marketing has proven to be the most lucrative means of promotion and customer acquisition. The decade saw a full-fledged boom and ascendancy of Digital Marketing in the digital spectrum. The factor that influenced high scales is online customer behavior and omnipresence in all the social domains. As the digital race throttles on a full swing, digital marketing escalates to new heights. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence and day by day advancement in technology, our perspectives have changed in how we see the world. Similarly, in the terms of digital marketing, the algorithms, the ranking factors keep on updating, and for better and efficient results we need to cope up with it. There are enormous aspects that determine how good or bad online marketing is done. SEO is the most popular and effective, has real vitality in the digital marketing arena. As we talk about trends in 2021, digital marketers are gearing with these functionalities to rise above the others:

Zero Click Search Results: 

Also known as the “featured snippets”, it is indeed a great feature to increase CTR (Click-Through-Rate) if you’re suffering a lower one. It gives a better search experience to the users by displaying the answers to the query in the form of a snippet in the SERPs. Since users get their answers without landing on any webpage, it becomes a convenient and time-saving point for them. Optimising for featured snippets helps in the improvement of domain authority and build trust among the visitors. In 2021, we can see the “zero-position” in search results as the new normal.

Marketing Automation:

PPC advertising management is a daunting job for every marketer. The common rush includes battling for maximising conversion and curtailing the cost. To achieve the greatest efficiency, this manual process is to be taken over by automation. Yes, you heard it right. Humans can focus more on developing automation, while machine learning and artificial intelligence programs control the work effectively. Automation turns out to be productive and powerful and it can understand the metrics and improve user readiness. Also, in the near future, bidding for PPC campaigns will be executed through automation itself.

Video Content Marketing:

Need not to say, content is the driving force is behind digital marketing. Good content makes good conversions. If your campaigns are emphasizing content enhancement then you’re already hitting the right track. Influencing ad copies, entertaining content is what engrosses the mass audience and stamps an impression of the brand. With passing time, video content is growing its root and grasping the attention of internet users. The OTT platforms and YouTube has gradually traversed the mass to consume online video content. And undoubtedly, every sort of marketing will run for video and motionography.

Influencer Marketing: 

The social podiums, especially Instagram are flooded with influencers. They set up their fan base and promote other brands and share their lifestyle with them. The thread of the influencers and their fame is their gigantic followers and admirers. So they tend to work hard to amplify the followers’ list. Businesses are taking advantage of their popularity in promoting and marketing their products while getting fruitful responses. This is a proven medium of advertising and making people aware of your brand. The key element in influencer marketing is that you can build trust and a sense of security for your products among the audiences.

  1. E-mail Marketing: If you’re wondering why e-mail is on this list, then here’s your answer. Yes, e-mail marketing is still significant in 2021. It might tickle as a lame medium of marketing for you but trust us, it is the most affordable and easiest means of reaching mass audiences. Listed below, you can find out the perks of e-mail marketing.
  2. High User-Base: Almost everyone on this planet uses e-mail. Some sources state that the numbers rise to 90% of the consumers. This indicates that marketers can outreach high potential customers. E-mail marketing is also a prominent means of communication for the B2B sector.
  3. Real-time targeting: You can get higher conversion by strategically designed email-marketing campaigns. Around half of the consumers uses their mobile phone to access their emails and other information. With real-time e-mail targeting, you can get more engagement from your consumers.
  4. Easy to measure:  It is essential to measure your e-mail campaigns to understand and assess the performance of your campaigns. Prolific e-marketing tools are available to view the metrics. It is beneficial in fixing the loopholes and enhance the campaign better.
  5. Increase Brand Awareness: Apart from promoting or advertising your products and services, you can create your brand awareness, which develops the persona of your brand.
  • Chabot: Chatbots are one of the best blessings of AI for digital marketing. It cuts down the efforts of customer-servicing. Also, this serves as a smart mode of communication in clarifying your visitors’ doubts just in seconds. It gets better and better the more customers ask questions about it. With cost-optimisation, you can leverage your business by providing a better customer experience.
  • AR/VR: Both Augmented-Reality and Virtual-Reality are an emerging trend in online marketing and sales strategies. AR and VR boost your brand value and increasing business opportunities by gratifying seamless customer experience powered with technology. “Wish I could test it before purchase”….. Most of the customers like to get the taste of the product or services they wish to buy to test the viability and usability. AR and VR help your customers in testifying and building a sense of trust in your brand. 
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