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Average Cost of Website Design for Small Business

No matter how small your operation is a website is essential for any modern business. But how much should you budget for your business website costs?

With a website builder, you can set up a professional-looking website for free, with paid plans starting from as little as $50/month Or, if you want something truly unique, advanced, and made to your exact specifications, you could hire a web designer, costing you anything from hundreds to thousands in upfront costs, or use a CMS like WordPress for around $1000 – $1500 a year.

Ideally, you would want to spend as little as possible when setting up your website, particularly during the current cost of living crisis when reducing overheads is a priority. We can help you with this via our free comparison quiz, which will help you work out which approach is right for you and which option will be the most cost-effective.


With Chine Digital we always charge one time investment from our client, our client can avail one year domain and hosting free from us, And website design and development cost start from $999 with one time investment. After completing 12 months we charge $80 for hosting and domain fee.

With Chine Digital no need to pay any ongoing fee for the website, you can save $1000 every year. We develop sites with WordPress, HTML, PHP, Paithan, Shopify, and Magento, we can do this according to our clients’ needs. You will be received full control of your website after we complete it. In future, you can control your site on your own.

Chine Digital, designing and developing a website from last 2017 in Australia. We can be your one stop solutions for your digital needs. We are the Best Web Design Company in Australia.



Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use a website builder or a web designer?
Cost is of course an important consideration here, but not the only one. Using a website builder is a quick, easy, and affordable way to get your small business website up and running – plus you can start off with a basic plan and then scale up if you need to. Using a website designer is the elite bespoke option, the equivalent of paying for a tailored suit instead of buying off the rack. You’ll pay more, maybe even a lot more, but you’ll end up with something crafted to your exact specifications and something that perfectly suits the way your business operates. It’s a substantial investment, but one that could really pay dividends in the long run.

Which is the best value website builder?
Our in-depth testing found that the best value website builder is WordPress. It’s easy to use.

How much does an eCommerce website cost?
Our Ecommerc webiste design cost starts from $999

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