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It is easy to give birth to a child, but a lot of hardship is required to nurture and raise it. The same philosophy goes with brand building. Your start-up or the brand is like your child which needs to be nurtured for the long-run. Various essential elements and key points are necessary to build a successful brand. This should be clear and loud that only a logo is not Brand Marketing. It involves the vision and mission of your brand, conveys the message of your brand to your customers, and adds value to them. So, it is imperative to design and create the structure with full care and sound.

A successful brand is comprised of many elements including the persona, ideologies, look, voice, attributes, product, serviceability, memorability, and attributes. Listed below, a few elements of successful branding that works out for every type of businesses:

  1. Logo: The logo is the topmost voice of your brand. It is the very first thing that your customer sees. Also, it is used everywhere like on your website, application, business cards, hoardings, letterheads, etc. The logo should carry your brand’s vision and mission and connect to your customers at the first sight. Remember, the first impression is the last! A simple and appealing logo makes your brand memorable and stands out among others.
  2. Business Niche: It is better to be the Master of one, rather than the Jack of all trades. You must specialise in one particular niche. You should be able to describe specific and elaborate on your business to your customers. The more you try to develop on one field, the more perfect you get!
  3. Emotional Connection: To make your customer loyal to your brand, you need to establish a sense of emotional connection with them. Most buying decisions are emotional in nature. Your product and services should carry an emotional appeal to the targeted customers. If they connect, they purchase and the bond lasts long! To create a loyal customer base you need to trigger their emotions rightfully, such as the need for love and affection, being feeling special, which enriches value for them.
  4. Be Unique: To rise in the growing competition, you need to stand out without compromising your values and ethics. One brand should develop its unique and distinctive identity to easily stay in their customers’ minds. A brand can easily be remembered when it is emphasised on some specific USP’s (Unique Selling Point). This helps in creating brand awareness which boosts your revenue, eventually.
  5. Advertising: The third element that we discussed in this list has greater relevance to advertising. Advertising is not only about promoting your appealing your customers to purchase your products. It’s all about how depicting how you’re solving their problems and adding value to them. Creative advertising is a must need factor in branding that involves a purely emotional appeal to the audiences. Advertising also creates a social image of your brand and people judge your brand on that perspective. This age is of being social and creatively different. You can acquire a lot of customers if you plan and execute your ad strategies skilfully. 
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